Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

Aluminium Fencing Upgrades for Residential Property

Aluminium fencing installation is common for many residential property owners. This type of fencing is durable and available in various sizes and styles. If you already have aluminium fencing, you may be looking at upgrades to have installed. Here are a few of the upgrades to consider and how they can benefit your residential property security and landscape.

Pet Guards

If you have small pets or children, you can have issues where they may get stuck between the fencing rods or other portions of the fence. This is because the spaces are small enough to keep out larger items, but are small enough for small hands of children or pets to crawl into and get stuck in. You can have your fencing contractor install pet guards. These are attachments that are also aluminium and match the pattern of the existing fence. They place smaller rods in between the present fencing rods and poles to give a much smaller space that will help prevent pet or small child injuries. 

Lighting Upgrades

For some property owners, the issue with their fencing is lighting. You may have spotlighting or overhead lighting on the gate entry, but not throughout the fence line. You can have your fencing contractor do aluminium fencing installation to include lighting. These lights can be solar operated cap lights or they can be lights that run through the top of the fencing to give a soft glow during dark hours. The lighting options may vary depending on your contractor. If lighting is an upgrade you would like to make, consider an onsite evaluation to determine what options may be ideal. 

Automatic Gates

One of the largest upgrades you can make to your existing aluminium fence installation is automatic gates. There are several styles of automatic gates with numerous power source options. The most popular options are sliding automatic gates that are powered on solar power backup and electric power as the main source. These gates are ideal if you have a larger property area and want to protect the entrance and driveway. You can also have gates installed with cameras, lighting and other upgrades including security features. 

When you are ready to have any aluminium fencing upgrades installed, contact your local fencing contractor. They can help with the installation process, determining what upgrades would be ideal for your needs and if you could benefit from other upgrades you may not have thought of. They can discuss any issues that may arise during the installation process as well and how long the installation will take so you can schedule properly.