Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

3 Reasons Chain Link Fencing is Excellent for Poultry Farming

When it comes to global poultry meat production, Australia is not considered a significant producer. However, the county still ranks 4th globally among the highest consumers of chicken. Therefore, if you have been considering getting into the poultry business, the statistics are enough to give you the nudge to start. That said, you need proper fencing to keep your poultry safe, and chain link fencing is arguably one of the best options in the industry. Why would you choose chain link fencing over other fence types? Here are the reasons.

Low Maintenance

Rearing poultry for commercial purposes is not a walk in the park. Therefore, any low-maintenance fence is a welcome reprieve for most poultry farmers. While some barriers are prone to rust and require constant maintenance, chain link fencing is the exact opposite. Since it is made from galvanised steel, chain link fencing is less prone to rusting and low maintenance. You can opt for powder-coated chain link fencing, which needs virtually no maintenance or repairs during the first few years after installation. Besides, the less time you spend fixing your chain link fencing, the more time you have to attend to your poultry, translating to a booming business.

Safe for Poultry

Certain types of fences, such as barbed wire, expose poultry to injuries as they forage. Notably, barbed wire fences have sharp points, which can easily poke and prick the soft skin of your birds. However, chain link fencing lacks sharp points, making them the safest option for your poultry. Moreover, poultry is less likely to get tangled in chain link fencing even when they fight for forage spots. Powder-coated chain link fencing is even better because it does not get hot under the scorching sun, making it an even safer option. Furthermore, the small opening on chain link fencing prevents poultry from getting out and predators coming in.

Installation Versatility

From extended fencing boundaries and compact cages to chicken tunnels, chain link fencing does it all. You can install chain link fencing to meet the various needs of your poultry business. For instance, if you do not have enough space for poultry to forage, you can use chain link fencing to build a chicken tunnel running from a coop in a winding fashion around the farm, allowing the chicken to feed without taking too much space. On the other hand, you can make movable enclosures using chain link fencing for greater versatility. This way, you can change forage spots occasionally, which goes a long way in fertilising the ground with poultry droppings.