Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

Two Front Fence Options: Tubular Metal and Slat Designs

When choosing a fence for your front garden, you need to think about both the material and fence style. One excellent material is aluminium, which naturally resists rust, making it ideal for outdoor environments. Two popular fence styles that use aluminium are tubular metal and slat structures. Consider the following points to help you find an option for your home.

Tubular Metal Fences

Tubular metal fences form barriers that create beautiful curb views. They consist of aluminium tubes, shaped and set together in various ways to produce different designs. For example, flat-top tubular metal fences consist of straight vertical railings with a horizontal flat bar across the top for a simple but elegant arrangement. You can also choose ornate models, full of scrolls, circles and spearhead trimmings. These barriers come in varying heights, so you can install a tall model if you want to increase its deterrence value.

Pick from a wide array of hues like green, blue, white and many other shades. You can match these fences to diverse homes, from workers cottage style to grand mansions. Additionally, you can use them in different areas around the property. For example, you can install a tubular metal fence around a pool deck, patio or gazebo.

Aluminium Slat Fences

Though not as decorative as tubular metal models, aluminium slat barriers also offer versatility in design. These fences consist of horizontal slats, set together with spacing in between. By altering the slat width and spacing, you can create a more private or open barrier. You can set the slats close with only a flicker of light between each one to create an ultra-private front garden. Alternatively, fit them with big gaps for a light and open feel. This ability to create a private garden by adjusting the design is an advantage that slat fencing has over tubular metal structures that don't offer privacy.

Aluminium slats are available in black, brown, beige and other colours, similarly to tubular metal fences. Thus, you can match or contrast them with surrounding architectural elements. You can transform a slat fence's aesthetics by combining it with other materials such as cement-rendered or brick pillars. That way, you can harmonise it with diverse building styles, both traditional and modern.

If you stick with aluminium for either of these fence styles, you won't have to worry about rust developing. Often this metal is powder-coated with polyester paint, which offers further protection from the elements. For more information, contact a fencing contractor.