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Chain Wire Gates and Fencing: Your Ultimate Selection Guide

Chain wire gates and fences are ideal for many applications: school grounds, animal enclosures, tennis courts, basketball courts and fields. Their uses are insurmountable. And they come with many benefits such as cost-effectiveness, durability, ease of maintenance, fast installation and variety in designs. But you must work with the right type of chain wire gate to get the best results. Here is a quick guide to lead you in the right direction in your selection.

Decide Between Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Stainless steel and aluminium are the standard material options you will come across when looking for chain wire gates and fences. They are both excellent and can serve your fencing needs perfectly. However, stainless steel is stronger and more durable. It also performs better in relation to withstanding impact and sustaining harsh weather conditions. However, it costs more, so you may want to consider aluminium if you are on a budget. Despite not being as strong as steel, aluminium is still durable. Besides, it has better corrosion resistance and is much easier to maintain. And since it is lightweight, relocating it is easy, which is ideal for applications such as animal enclosures.

Think About the Size of The Mesh and The Gauge Number

The mesh and gauge play a significant role in determining the security risk and the strength of the wire. The gauge refers to the thickness or the diameter of the wire and is measured as a number. Generally, for enhanced security, consider a chain wire with a small mesh size. On the other hand, choose one with a lower gauge number if you want the strongest wire. Wires with a lower gauge number are typically thicker and therefore stronger.

Consider Coating Options

You can choose between coated and uncoated options when shopping for a chain wire fencing and gate. Coated wires often perform better. While they will cost you more than their uncoated counterparts, they come with greater resilience and protection against impact and the outdoor elements. If you go for the coated wire, you will need to choose between zinc coating and aluminium coating. Zinc coating is the most common and it comes in two options. The coating can be done before the wire is formed into a mesh, or it can be done after. The latter is often preferred because it allows for all parts of the wire to be coated. Therefore, remember to ask about this when buying. 

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