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4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Chain Mesh Fence

Chain mesh fences are cheaper than most other fencing materials. They are also easier to install and maintain. But that doesn't mean that you should install a chain mesh fence and then forget about it. Like any fencing material, chain mesh fences need regular maintenance. Otherwise, they could fail without warning and no longer provide the protection and security your property needs.

To extend the life of your chain mesh fence, maintain it regularly in the following ways.

1. Keep plants from growing on your fence

If you usually keep your yard well-trimmed, then this shouldn't be an issue for you. But one thing that can affect the longevity of a chain mesh fence is plants and vegetation. One of the best things about chain mesh fences is that they are pest-proof. But vegetation, on the other hand, can climb up your chain mesh fence and weigh it down. Over time, this can weaken your fence.

Make sure you trim vegetation away from your chain mesh fence to prevent it from weakening and warping your fence.

2. Wash and wax your fence regularly

Chain mesh fences do attract some dirt. And if dirt becomes caked onto your chain mesh fence, this will weigh it down and also contribute to rust and mould formation. Wash your fence with soap and water at least once a season. And to prevent rust, after every cleaning, spray some automotive wax over your fence.

3. Use a rust-resistant finish and tackle rust early

Although chain mesh fences already have rust protection, especially if they are galvanized steel, this protection can degrade over time. If you notice that your fence is beginning to rust more often than before, you need to refinish it with some anti-rust paint. Make sure you clean dirt and rust off your fence before you apply the paint.

4. Check screws, bolts and nails regularly

Periodically inspect your fence around the perimeter of your property to ensure that there are no loose nails, screws or bolts. Even a loose screw, bolt or nail can cause your fence to sag or warp. And if not taken care of soon, your fence could change shape and no longer be an effective barrier to intruders or animals.

Be sure to spot and tighten loose nails, screws and bolts early.

A chain mesh fence can provide security for your property for many years without repair or replacement, as long as you maintain it in the aforementioned ways.

To learn more about chain mesh fencing, contact a fence contractor.