Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

Reasons To Install Aluminium Slat Fencing

A front fence needs to provide privacy and safety while enhancing the facade. One option that does all these things is aluminium slat fencing. Read on for reasons to install this type of barrier around your property.

Privacy Options

These fences are versatile in that you can select the slat width and spacing. For instance, a wall might have wide slats, closely spaced, which will block much of the street view. Alternately, for a wall that allows more vision, the slats might be narrower and widely spaced. By adjusting these two features, you can create the degree of privacy you're after. You might want, for instance, to use your front yard as an outdoor entertainment area—a slat design can provide privacy for that setup.


A front fence is essential not only for privacy but for safety, as well. If you have children or pets, you'll need a barrier of a certain height that they can't climb over. With this fence style, you can customise its height to suit. 

Design Alternatives

Your choice of the slat width and spacing, as well as the fence's height, will affect the look of the fence—you can create a combination that harmonises with your home. More delicate slats and extra spacing will give the fencing a lighter feel, for instance. Plus, the metal comes in a variety of colours, including brown, black and green for you to coordinate it with the environment. Brown-painted slats in a bushland setting can create a rustic feel. Otherwise, charcoal in a modern context can give a smart impression.

Combines With Other Materials

You can also combine aluminium slat fencing with other styles and materials, mixing up the look. For instance, a fence might consist of periodic brick pillars with aluminium slats bridging the gaps. Such juxtapositions provide visual interest and contrast. 


Being out in the weather all day, it's crucial that a fence material can handle all environmental conditions. That will be no problem for aluminium that naturally resists rust due to its inner elements. You won't have to remove rust periodically as you do with some metals. Additionally, metal won't rot and warp after constant rain exposure as timber can. Often the aluminium is covered with a baked-on paint layer, the result of a powder-coating process, that further protects the metal from weathering. 

Overall, aluminium slat fencing makes an ideal front fence, allowing you to create the levels of privacy and safety you need. By altering the fence composition and picking a colour, you can harmonise the fencing with your home. Plus, being so durable and rust-resistant, aluminium structures last for many years. 

To learn more about aluminium slat fencing, contact a fence company.