Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

Reasons To Install Tubular Metal Fencing Around Your Home

One way to enhance a home landscape is to upgrade the fence with a stunning new tubular metal design. Here are several reasons to undertake such a project. 

Natural Elegance

A prime reason to install a tubular metal fence around your property is the sense of elegance they impart, no matter what the landscape and whether the metal design is simple or ornate. Repeated slender railings give these fences a light and airy feeling. Plus, you can combine tubular metal with heavier materials such as stone, brick or cement—the fine railings provide a light and elegant counterpoint. 

Customisation Options

Another reason to install a tubular metal fence—typically available in black, green or white— is their customisation options. You can choose elaborate designs full of scrolls and spearheads reminiscent of wrought iron. At the other extreme, you might prefer a flat-top design with a simple horizontal top rail. In between these options, you have an incredible array of choices in style and form. For instance, you could fit tubular metal railings across a low natural-stone fence for added height, and finish the overall design with a decorative gate in lightweight aluminium for easy opening. 

Cohesion In The Overall Landscape

You can install tubular metal fences in various areas around your home to create a cohesive design for the entire landscape. The tubular railings can form a front garden or pool fence, with the added benefit that you can see through the structure. Such visibility protects a home as intruders don't have a hiding place from the street. Of course, around a pool, you need to be able to watch children playing and to keep everyone safe. 

Other fencing installation options are alongside external stairs in the garden—a green-painted metal fence will blend with the surrounding foliage, giving a natural look. Sometimes because they're so beautiful and decorative, you might simply want to use them to delineate areas of the yard. 


Any element that you incorporate into your garden needs to withstand all the elements while retaining its integrity and looks. Aluminium—which naturally resists rust—is perfect for all environments, including salty coastal settings as it endures corrosive atmospheres. Stainless steel doesn't rust, but other forms of steel can corrode. Thus, they typically have a layer of zinc (galvanised steel) or powder-coated paint to provide long-lasting protection. Therefore no matter what metal you choose for your tubular fence, it should endure for many years.

For more information about fencing installation options, contact a professional.