Factors To Consider When Replacing A Fence

4 Ways to Stop Your Dog From Barking Through the Fence

Does your dog have a bad habit of barking through the fence at passers-by and other dogs? It's quite common for dogs to bark at a fence when they become frustrated at not being able to get at the sights and smells on the other side. And although you can train your dog to stop barking at your fence, you can stop the problem by working with your fencing too.

If you need a quick way of preventing your dog from barking at your fence, try the following approaches.

1. Replace Your Fence With a Solid One

The first problem with your current fence is that it allows your dog to see what's on the other side. To stop your dog barking, you need to block its view of the outside world. The simplest way of doing this is to replace your current fence with a solid fence that lacks gaps and gives you full privacy at the same time.

You can choose from three main materials.

All of these fencing materials will stop your dog from barking.

2. Install a Second Fence in Front of the First

If you'd rather not uproot your current fence, then you could place a barrier between your dog and the fence. The barrier could consist of chicken wire or wire-mesh fencing. The key is to prevent your dog from standing at your fence.

3. Cover Your Fence

You could also use some fencing supplies to cover your current fence. For instance, you could cover all the gaps in your fence with PVC or wooden panels to prevent your dog and other dogs from seeing through the fence.

4. Plant a Privacy Screen in Front of Your Fence

If you'd rather take the natural route, you could plant a hedge in front of the fence. However, you would need to choose carefully so you select something that grows quickly and is thick enough to keep your dog at bay. This would also give the added benefit of noise reduction.

Is your dog barking up a storm at your fence? Then consider opting for a new fence installation. A solid fence will provide both you and your dog with privacy and peace.