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What Should You Know About Auto Gate Installation?

The main reasons for having an auto gate installed are to have an easy-to-use gate, to maintain class and to keep up with modern trends. Who wouldn't want to open their gates while in the comfort of their cars? It is safe (in case you encounter burglars while accessing your home), comfortable and also protects you from harsh weather. Consider the following when having an auto gate installed:

Power Source, Energy Efficiency and Aesthetics

An auto gate requires power; you don't want to have higher energy bills, so you should take some time to review power saving options. Electrically powered gates are the most common; you can install a power-saving solar panel system to help you alternate between electric and solar power.

Also, find out what happens if there is a power outage; are you required to have a generator or does the automatic gate store some power for such times? If it does store power, for how long? You should also find out whether you can shift between manual and automatic gate operation when needed.

Of course, power cables have to be used to direct electricity to the automatic gate. How are they placed? They should not interfere with your home's aesthetics. Most of the time, they are located underground, but you can also have them above ground as long as they don't interfere with the appearance of your space.

Additional Devices

Not everyone may employ a person to man the gate, and that is why you might need to install CCTV, a wireless/wired gate intercom system and a way to open the gate while in your house. This is mostly useful when you have guests—it is secure and you don't have to leave the comfort of your home to open the gate. All you have to do is view the CCTV feed, talk to your guest(s) on the gate intercom system and then buzz them in.


Depending on the features an auto gate has, it can either be fairly affordable or expensive. Initially, you can expect to incur a high purchase and installation price. What you can control is the maintenance and utilisation price. How?

Choose a gate material that is versatile and has low maintenance; steel and aluminium are good choices. Steel is cheaper than aluminium, but you have to use stainless steel, which is steel coated with chromium. It is costlier than standard steel but cheaper than aluminium. It is also more durable compared to uncoated steel.

You can also reduce costs by considering solar panels as indicated above.

For more information, contact a company that offers auto gate installation services.